North Cyprus

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Nicosia (Lefkosia) is in Northern Cyprus. North Cyprus is the third largest island in Mediterranean Sea.

When you arrive on your flight to North Cyprus at Ercan airport, you are just a short drive from the capital city, North Nicosia.

Places to Visit Hotels

Turunclu Mosque

Hotels in Nicosia Cyprus
The Haydarpasha Mosque  
The Dervis Pasha Mension  
Nicosia City Walls  
The Arap Ahmet Mosque  
The Selimiye Mosque  
The Gambler's Inn  
Yenicami Mosque  
The Great Inn  
The Venetian Column & Ataturk Square
Iplik Pazari Mosque Museums
The Kyrenia Gate The Stone Works Museum (Lapithos)
The Lapidary Museum The Lapidary Museum
The Mevlevi Tekke Museum The Mevlevi Tekke Museum
The Sarayonu Mosque  
The Sultan Mahmut Library  
The Grand Bath  

Nicosia in Cyprus was founded in around 280BC, and by the Middle Ages it was a wealthy city packed with merchants. It was the Venetian invaders who built the impressive walls that still circle the city, three miles in circumference, with eleven bastions and a moat. When the Ottomans invaded, they too put their mark on this fascinating city. You’ll find cathedrals that have become mosques, churches that have become Turkish baths and palaces turned into public offices!

Today, the UN Green Line divides the city of Nicosia from west to east. The Turkish Cypriot portion of North Nicosia spreads northwards from this line, beyond the city walls, into the modern part of the city. It’s a tourist attraction in itself, a line of wire and corrugated iron that reminds visitors of the now fallen Berlin Wall. You can cross the border into south Cyprus at various points, but there is plenty to explore in North Nicosia itself, from the elegant buildings to the bazaars that fill the old streets.


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